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  On September 14, 2018 10 when Http://xinwennews.org/news/ HOT NEWS of 04 minutes of 27 seconds---] Japan Attachs Most Importance To The Russia That Start Day And Smooth Treaty Negotiation To Spread Out Harmonious, heat of incident of The Consideration Agrees With General Beijing To Offer 12---About- - Japan Attachs Most Importance To The Russia That Start Day And Smooth Treaty Negotiation To Spread Out Harmonious, the Consideration Agrees With General Beijing To Offer-----Look please in detail a message.


[path king is joyous] the personage discloses related many Japan government, japanese government restarted with respect to what Beijing of Russia president general puts forward on September 13 sign be related of peaceful treaty negotiation to spread out harmonious, if the consideration has formal proposal to express to agree. Day just will bring times advance according to premier the intent of 3, hold to “ to sign treaty to want in order to solve south 1000 islands archipelago (day says: Northward 4 islands) the principle that attributive problem is premise ” , begin pair of Russia negotiation. Predicting negotiation will be in curule level undertakes above of class of deputy minister of foreign affairs. Japan said 13 times in September jointly, general Beijing is thought meaning lay aside in the consideration guide language is attributive problem, because this puts forward not to set premise,the condition signs pact inside year, day just spreads out in the round with the Bo Yijiang of general Beijing government.

How day and times 13 Japan are fair bright party party head mountain pass Na Jinnan holds a talk, of concerned general Beijing offer, how times express: “ this is the expression that signs treaty wish. The attributive problem that solves 4 islands, conclude and furring makes an appointment with this one basic guiding principle changeless. ”

Because square intent interrupts Russia since Spring 2016 oneself,the peaceful treaty on working level signs a negotiation up to now. Around restart negotiation, husband of ancient the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Mo Er of Russian deputy minister of foreign affairs expresses “ 12 days to native media we already ready-made ” .

About south 1000 islands archipelago, russia holds to the native and domanial ” that obtains through proper approach in “ Second World War this one footing. Predicting negotiation will be very hard, hand in probably finally by how times with general Beijing two head make political make a decision.

About the frame of the negotiation, the negotiation of class of deputy minister of foreign affairs that Japanese foreign affairs discusses Guan Senjian fine and Moerguluofu will be one of option. Predicting likelihood is in the most quickly the undersecretary class October begins to negotiate on negotiation. In addition the hearsay puts forward by install security of times trusted follower, state to ensure director cereal Patelushefu has secretary of Neizhengtailang and general Beijing trusted follower, confederative safe conference the plan of curule negotiation.

If the other side puts forward to will respond to ‘ to respect you to offer,the opportunity that Japanese foreign affairs saves a cadre 13 days to hold a negotiation emphasizes “ ’” . Magisterial Jian Yiwei represents house of Japanese ministerial official on the meeting that day: The problem that “ cares with respect to both sides, can the circumstance undertakes consulting. At the appointed time will cogent answer. ”

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