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  On September 14, 2018 10 when Http://xinwennews.org/news/ HOT NEWS of 04 minutes of 26 seconds---] heat of incident of Japanese Okinawa County Knows Thing Election To Will Remove Around The Airport Between General Day The Problem Spreads Out Right Definitely 16---About- - Japanese Okinawa County Knows Thing Election To Will Remove Around The Airport Between General Day The Problem Spreads Out Right Definitely-----Look please in detail a message.

[path king is joyous] released county of declared Japan Okinawa to know thing election on September 13 the name ended at 5 o'clock that day afternoon, will develop competition by 4 new personality certainly. Remove to protect ancient be related of city Bian Ye to Okinawa county name around the airport between day of U.S. Army general, present man-to-man contend situation in fact, advance the removing candidate that brings times government support and the candidate that oppose removing opposition recommending to will launch fierce battle namely. 30 days send plan bill.

According to Japan collective in September 13, participated 4 average per capita are nonaligned new personality, zun Xizhen of mayor of wild bay of the appropriate before including pures (from civilian, fair bright, the party of reform and hope is recommended) , arrange of ball of jade city Denny, Liu studies the representative before free party the beauty at the beginning of domestic crossing and before company employee holds an island concurrently handsome.

The Zun Xizhen that gets Japanese government supports in the round not with respect to Bian Ye ancient remove to make known his position clearly, the appeal at an early date change goes the airport between the general day that is located in downtown to wait. He advocates in the speech of city of appropriate wild bay: “ reachs general to be in return between the day return an agreement 22 years to come the citizen of appropriate wild bay with the most painful, the greatest sacrifice, must remand between general day! Have me only can make it this matter. ” in addition he still put forward to raise income and Yo support measure.

The Yu Chengjiang that opposition recommends moves him is the knows accident Weng Changxiong records heir that died in August, put forward clearly to prevent remove. He uses made of baked clay cloth in Bian Ye's ancient U.S. Army emphasize before barback: “ cannot build the base that is used at the war in the ocean of Okinawa and land again. Bian Ye of cancel of government of firm support county is ancient coastal the license that fills the sea to make the land. ” in addition he still emphasized children poverty countermeasure and heavy brace up economic measure.

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