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  On September 14, 2018 10 when Http://xinwennews.org/news/ HOT NEWS of 04 minutes of 25 seconds---] heat of incident of Building Of Station Of Boat Of Airport Of Japanese Guan Xiguo Border On September 21 Or Restart In The Round 1---About- - Building Of Station Of Boat Of Airport Of Japanese Guan Xiguo Border On September 21 Or Restart In The Round-----Look please in detail a message.

[path king is joyous] of airport of Guan Xiguo border of responsible operation Japan close what airport company grows valley beautiful on the west to lifted guild in the company on September 13, because the 21st typhoon is soggy,announce and to the building of station of the first boat that closes continuously area and A runway will restore 14 days to use. Boreal side is in 21 days of around, strive to add building of station of the 2nd boat and B runway to restart in the round.

According to Japan collective in September 13, border airport company discloses the new Guan Xiguo of the share of contact bridge railroad that owns attaint, if railroad establishment did not discover serious damage, will restore the most quickly to move in 21 days.

Although close,the establishment of the airport reachs traffic rehabilitate on the west exercise is being advanced, but the level before province of Japan ground transportation thinks airliner number wants to restore calamity still needs time. Had decided to regard as close on the west the billabong measure that the airliner falls since the airport, by Osaka (Yi Dan) the airport and Kobe airport increase to be mixed 40 times respectively 30 airliners.

Jing Qiyi of stone of photograph of Japan ground transportation states to media “ is current 13 days will execute ” according to this one decision, think to serve as the countermeasure before restoring in the round to be necessary to undertake billabong.

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