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[quick way] according to Japanese Livedoor news in September 12, the of about 51% cadre in Japanese militia is only high school is the following record of formal schooling, investigate its reason basically is his not to give attend in a advanced studies the chance to educational ignored and government.

1. Militia makes an appointment with the cadre of 51% only high school is the following record of formal schooling.

Be informed according to investigation, although militia cadre is officeholder but it is a group with bizarre and low record of formal schooling however, and also be in inferior level quite with U.S. Army or Han Jun.

Most conspicuous is the person that college graduate record of formal schooling has in militia in this one circumstance very few. According to the relevant data of end showed in October 2017, the cadre of college graduate record of formal schooling (above of a junior officer) occupy only 45.9% . This rate and the national official that belong to officeholder elite estate almost the college graduate rate of 100% , and active service cadre makes an appointment with the U.S. Army the college graduate of 83.8% is led (2015 data) photograph comparing is unusual low.

It is next those who obtain Master above record of formal schooling is extremely little also. The person that there is about 41.5% in active service cadre of the U.S. Army obtains the record of formal schooling of Master above. However, master above record of formal schooling obtains in Japanese militia occupy only 5.02% , master above record of formal schooling obtains in aviation militia cadre especially have 3.64%(2018 only year April data) .

In addition, still answer of bring to sb's attention is the person that record of formal schooling of high school graduation has in militia. The finish school of factitious high school that there is 51% unexpectedly in militia cadre is the following record of formal schooling, hold a number only repeatedly even the first-class Dazunli of 3% has record of formal schooling of graduation of 80 factitious high school (17 years in October end data) , and of record of formal schooling of middle school graduation first-class big assist also has 3 people. Explain He Wei is first-class slightly here big assist, alleged and first-class big assist, section chief level is equivalent to in each government organization, and if hold wing part-time,captain is to be able to command the hundreds significant position to 1000 following.

So, why can you evolve into such room for action after all? The first, militia and army of other each country compare ignored to be applied theoretically. In U.S. Army army, officer officer basically must the record of formal schooling of hold university above, if do not have however preferment senior captain must be during the regulation inside obtain degree. 2 are had in the U.S. Army's general or of 3 master's degree not infrequent also. Opposite hereat, japanese militia does not have the regulation of this respect already, lack repatriate cadre again abroad the active arrangement that study abroad. Although include those who save inside to defend,the officeholder elite official of each government organizations basically has send abroad the experience that study abroad, but this is very infrequent however in militia. Militia is allegedly medium if can go to past Japan,graduate school study of home can have been regarded as excellent talented person.

The 2nd, knowledge of major of study of Japanese militia ignored and study science. Especially onshore militia, it is a book merely (even if be the professional book of military affairs or war) very possible also meeting brings about on the desk that is put in the office of boss detestable, also must serve as individual article to close when the examination. Because they think to set the thing that has nothing to do with business on desk,this is not quite beautiful. Below such environment, if reveal out body to want to teach the think of a way of orgnaization study outside, probable meeting is repelled detest.

2. Only in all officeholder militia cadre does not have the opportunity of attend in a advanced studies

The record of formal schooling of “ militia cadre says in the army of the developed country is lowest also has not been been. Especially after security proposed law is carried out, fight jointly with what the U.S. Army waits or maneuver grow in quantity, also expose the militia cadre that gave a lot of serious problem ” majority to sigh with emotion so in this.

What is alleged and serious problem to point to? The first, because do not have,apply abstract thinking to ponder over a problem without the society, bring about consequently in fight jointly or in maneuver cannot of seek both sides good communicate. It is militia in a word cannot communicate in academic domain communication and make contribution. For example, the U.S. Army ever was in such in communicating the conference speech paths with militia: “ wants to have maneuverability effect in aerospace and world of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy. One party of ” U.S. Army conveys the notional in order to of “ motor-driven ” the meaning that “ acquires dominant authority ” , and most militia cadre understands his to be in for “ motor-driven ” merely the meaning of physical level.

In recent years the U.S. Army takes what abstract sex thinks seriously to fight the tendency of the thought is sent more intense, if things go on like this, japanese militia is afraid can not follow to go up pace and cannot fight jointly to it. Actually, fight jointly in militia and U.S. Army or most militia cadre can be experienced to be close to capacity limits in maneuver.

The 2nd, japanese militia takes a sexual talking seriously. In the constituent operation of militia, root sex talks thorough popular feeling and influence is annoyed flush. This one current situation can see from inside article writing. In onshore militia, if demonstrate the caption format of documentation to did not use MS Gothic, or it is the article did not use Ming Dynasty style, it is word of occurrence misprint leakage even, can be denied thoroughly quality, this one circumstance is very common. And, in the be stationed ground that is in a country to meet high-ranking military officer, field officer can wax to the bed even. For this insufficient to hand militia but say,be the time waste that makes a person fab.

The article says, be aimed at this kind of circumstance, ought to imitated U.S. Army make militia cadre basically obtain degree, the cadre that also ought to let be equivalent to officeholder elite position basically gets with the official of other government organization same take a refresher course studies abroad opportunity. If repair the Master that reads the university inside Japan,one person needs curricular criterion 1.35 million yen (shut money about 83 thousand yuan of) , if repair chrestomathy division course to need 2.5 million yen, this just is maneuver played the price of several hair to stop. If abandon 2 V-22,can assume aerostat can let accordingly almost the cadre of record of formal schooling of all militia college graduate builds Master course, and the cadre of the record of formal schooling of high school graduation that if abandon 5 V-22 aerostat,can let militia make an appointment with 20 thousand person is entire the university graduates. (The exercitation compiles: Zhang Yilin goes over a manuscript or draft: Horse beautiful)

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