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  On September 14, 2018 09 when Http://xinwennews.org/News/]Doubt Is Like The Longmen Grottoes Buddha Head Shows Body United States Before The Auction Is Patted Since The Meeting of 04 minutes of 06 seconds, be Removed To Pat (graph) HOT:258---About- - Doubt Is Like The Longmen Grottoes Buddha Head Shows Body United States Before The Auction Is Patted Since The Meeting, be Removed To Pat (graph)-----Look please in detail a message. Doubt is like the Longmen Grottoes Buddha head shows body United States to auction meeting   and likeness of height of cultural relic of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of the Longmen Grottoes Buddha head is rising in before patting, be being removed to pat respect of the Longmen Grottoes to say to will pay close attention to Su Fu to be recorded than auctioning conference plan continuously to this the introduction of Buddha head stone carving   , was 2018 the day that new York Su Fu can hold than the auction, but the stone carving of a Buddha head that this second auction appears on special performance causes controversy however, this Buddha head and go up the Longmen Grottoes of Luoyang of China of before the century half leaf by the likeness of height of a Buddha head of pilfer. Cultural relic lover suspects this on sale Buddha head is the Longmen Grottoes the cultural relic of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of 1720 hole. To this, the controller of academy of Luoyang the Longmen Grottoes expresses, because did not see in kind, cannot make accurate judgement, but from the point of relevant photograph, this on sale photograph and the figure of Buddha of 1720 hole are very of be identical. Boreal blueness notices, before the auction, su Fu had removed this from inside patting the name of an article to record than the official Buddha head stone carving, but when distributing news dispatches up to boreal blueness, su Fu had be notted respond to than the respect remove take an account. Incident   Su Fu can show doubt to be like   of   of head of Buddha of the Longmen Grottoes than the auction " one is missing tens of year Buddha of the Longmen Grottoes head, if can pass this auction to search, it is the kill that makes a person gratified very much. " recently, this world is in ancient sculpture lover newly hair post weighs number of his small letter public, the United States compares an auction to hold all right at new York Su Fu on September 12 morning local time " fine jade agree: Chinese Buddhist statue " special performance auction meets pat the name of an article to record, appeared doubt of a height is like result from the Buddha head stone carving of Chinese Luoyang the Longmen Grottoes. The graph collection that this sale that boreal blueness gets meets shows, should Buddha head stone carving is by division of history into periods Tang Dynasty, make an appointment with 70 centimeters high, future prices is amounted to 2 million to 3 million dollar, it is auction of this special performance is patted the future prices on the meeting is highest article. Government of Su Fu comparing was to use more " extensive great is gigantic make " will describe the stone carving with this elegant modelling to resemble. Su Fu comparing hires a lieutenant general in the graph should Buddha head stone carving and the figure of Buddha of many Tang Dynasty that include place of the Longmen Grottoes to hide figure of Buddha inside undertook contrast, express " resemble a lip originally small pout, belong to first Tang Feng case " , express at the same time " have a position as to its at where, at present on the knees of the gods " . According to Su Fu the collection that compare a figure introduces, should pat in tasting the sale plan that tells motion company at appearing in France 1955 to record, this is company of steal and sell of antique of a China, should pat after tasting by American famous collector Stephen Qiongken is collected. Yang Xin says, this year in August, a when he is in small letter group li of sale plan collection that issued Su Fu comparing with respect to somebody, "Everybody basically is arguing at that time the true and false of this cultural relic, it is true that I feel this Buddha head resembles, and I feel should be Tang Dynasty produces a stone carving from Henan area, see some be similar to the Longmen Grottoes from the style. "   arrived this year in September, everybody is in again group li of controversy Buddha of this stone carving head when, yang Xin decides to look up a data, however in the photograph that expect is less than the ground to be in a piece to was filmed by Japanese 1920, discovered this Buddha head. Analytic   is patted taste as old as the Longmen Grottoes photograph to be in be identical   more Han Chuanfo teachs the photograph out Japan this piece 1920 research learned man Guan Yezhen and constant dish a book that combines write surely greatly, when the photograph in the book fastens two people to made an on-the-spot investigation in China before 1928, film, in this book, this honour the position of figure of Buddha is tagged to be " extremely south hole " . Yangxin contrasts carefully, the figure of Buddha that feels the book is medium is on sale of this Su Fu comparing Buddha head origin, sent oneself discovery then group in. A relatively familiar to the Longmen Grottoes cultural relic lover sees the response after the clew that Yang Xin gives out, putting forward the grotto in Guan Yezhen photograph not to resemble is extremely south hole, more resemble the 1720 hole that are the Longmen Grottoes. Yang Xin says: "After be informed this message, I requested a friend in Luoyang, help me on-the-spot seek by inquiry 1720 hole, let him help me record each feature of the figure of Buddha in leaving hole and data in detail. " take a picture through the friend affirm, the when maintaining Guan Yezhen basically now to film appearance inside 1720 hole, exclusive distinction is the head of figure of Buddha inside 1720 hole disappeared. Yang Xin uses 1720 hole the photograph on collection of graph of the present photograph, photograph that Guan Yezhen films before 1928 and this Su Fu comparing made a large number of contrast, new discovery of this world in contrast, the amount of snail hair worn in a bun or coil on the top of head of Buddha head stone carving mixes this on sale arrange consistent, figure of Buddha has hole of a white spot on the needle nasally, eyebrow bend place also has almost same black structure line. On sale Buddha head stone carving and the Longmen Grottoes the Buddha head in picture of 1720 hole history is a lot of detail likeness   in addition, according to the photograph of 1720 hole site, the Buddha head with 1720 original hole also should be 70 centimeters of right-and-left height, this and Su Fu are more consistent than measure of released Buddha head stone carving, the fracture surface part that is cut also can be mixed pat tasted fracture surface correspondence. "Fast these elements, I think Su Fu compares on sale the Longmen Grottoes of out of Buddha head stone carving the possibility of 1720 hole is very big. " Yang Xin tells north blueness. The Buddha before progress   is auctioned head stone carving evacuate pats items to record   to be in another end of the earth, su Fu also produced change than the circumstance of the respect. Beijing time is late on September 11, than the hereon on the official in Su Fu on sale of second special performance pats items in the collection, experience thing Buddha head stone carving had been removed. Beijing time on September 13 morning, boreal blueness compares an official to see in Su Fu, this the auction already ended, 17 when pat are patted taste clinch a deal amount is 7.51 million much dollar. Although the introduction of auction special performance still is being written in the character,pat there is in tasting " Buddha head resembles the stone carving of Tang Dynasty lime with extensive tremendous great " , but originally rate is top this " Tang Dynasty Buddha head stone carving " in appearing in auction result. Boreal blueness is removed pat a reason to send letter Su Fu to go than the auction, the other side says will reply within 24 hours, but when distributing news dispatches up to boreal blueness, have not get relevant response. Respect of response   the Longmen Grottoes will pay close attention to   of   of Buddha head circumstance 13 days continuously afternoon, the controller of academy of the Longmen Grottoes tells north blueness, they had learned Su Fu auctions doubt to be like the Longmen Grottoes all right than the auction the message of Buddha head stone carving. This chief says, respect of the Longmen Grottoes thanks friend people the care to the Longmen Grottoes and Chinese cultural relic, from the point of the data that just releases each at present, in include the field such as fracture surface, outline, style, su Fu compares this on sale Buddha head stone carving really very be identical the figure of Buddha of 1720 hole. "But only support photograph, we cannot make final judgement, after must wanting organic meeting to see in kind, just can make the most accurate conclusion. "   this controller expresses, the Longmen Grottoes is put in heads of many figure of Buddha to be short of the case that lose really, the reason includes ancient time a few " destroy Buddha " the figure of Buddha that motion brings about is destroyed, long-term efflorescent course causes heads of many figure of Buddha to be damaged. "Of course, a very main reason or late Qing Dynasty arrive during the Republic of China, the person that many cultural relic steals takes Buddha head steel bring about. "   accordingly before the not complete count that place of expert of the Longmen Grottoes makes, there is 600 to arrive inside the Longmen Grottoes 700 honour figure of Buddha can affirm had sufferred factitious pilfer is cut. "In the photograph that films in Japanese of period of the Republic of China, we can see the figure of Buddha of 1720 hole is more complete still, but Buddha head had disappeared nowadays, can affirm Buddha head is the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that be cut by pilfer. " he expresses   , if this Su Fu compares on sale,Buddha head is out the word of the figure of Buddha of 1720 hole, with this the volume with Buddha head 70 centimeters high stone carving, belong to the Longmen Grottoes by pilfer in Buddha head " bigger " . "This honour Buddha head because be private Tibet,taste, in the line of sight that did not appear in us in a long time, lending this second sale, we can not pay close attention to this continuously honour Buddha the circumstance of first. We also hope, include 1720 hole Buddha head inside numerous the Longmen Grottoes sorts prosaic thing, in can returning to the Longmen Grottoes at an early date. " civil / bend free originally
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