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  On September 14, 2018 09 when Http://xinwennews.org/News/]In Diplomatic Mission of 04 minutes of 05 seconds: Greek Yacht Gets Hurt Without Chinese Tourist In Capsize Incident HOT:4779---About- - In Diplomatic Mission: Greek Yacht Gets Hurt Without Chinese Tourist In Capsize Incident-----Look please in detail a message. Beijing on September 13 electric Athens message: Local time 13 days morning, bay of insular heavy boat produces Greek Zajinsuosi coast of hill body small area, cause capsize of 3 small-sized yacht, 7 people are injured. China is stationed in Greek embassy to stand to released announcement to affirm that day, chinese tourist is not had in the person that hurt. The graph is the spot that produces collapse. According to Greek Athens communication 13, the bay takes the heavy boat that resort of Greek and famous travel plunges into Jin Suosi island to fell into the sea from cliff because of megalith that day, arouse huge ocean wave, bring about 3 yacht capsize. China is stationed in Greek embassy station announcement says, diplomatic mission is in start lash-up mechanism for a short while, departmental scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet is moved, come to help to local municipal government, police station, hospital, fire control wait for a branch to understand a situation. Local port office affirms to diplomatic mission, this incident the Communist Party of China has 7 people to get hurt, among them 3 factitious and Greek descendants Australian tourist, 4 people are Czech tourist, at present of short duration does not have the message that the Chinese gets hurt. According to introducing, heavy boat bay is one of popular destination that Chinese citizen goes to Greek travel, china is stationed in Greek diplomatic mission to will continue to dog a got-up affair develops. (Be over)
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