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  On September 14, 2018 09 when Http://xinwennews.org/News/]Power Of Live Abroad Group Is Built For Student Of Qinghai Tibet Area " The Classroom In Sky " HOT:2 of 02 minutes of 44 seconds021---About- - Power Of Live Abroad Group Is Built For Student Of Qinghai Tibet Area " The Classroom In Sky "-----Look please in detail a message. Qinghai jade is cultivated on September 13 report (Zhang Tianfu) adolescent of foundation of Chinese Hua Wen education, China develops foundation hand in hand live abroad look forward to is perfect (China) limited company is in 13 days Yushu Tibetian autonomous prefecture opens Qinghai to teach course remotely. That day, high middle school of the 4th people gets jade tree state the long-range education courses that gave value 1 million yuan of money, the alternant experience style of the long-range education course that includes 4 commander of Beijing among them and constant coordinate group is true scene classroom. Chen Qing of president of high middle school of the 4th people introduces jade tree city, this school is the middle school that place teachs resource scarcity to solve high school and builds, although school hardware condition is better, but software condition especially force of persons qualified to teach is relatively weak, hire a teacher newly to lack teaching experience. 2 directors Li Xiaomei says project of foundation of Yo of Chinese China culture and education, this foundation devotes oneself to abroad Hua Wen to teach all the time, 2006, foundation began pair of whole worlds 198 countries (area) the long-range education of many 20 thousand Hua Wenxue school, have very perfect foundation course to groom system and classroom of the most advanced seesaw type real situation groom mode. "This is foundation first time hand in hand foundation of Chinese adolescent development and perfect (China) limited company begins Chinese home formally to teach course remotely, lack an issue in the light of force of persons qualified to teach, the hope passes the clique outside teaching course and teacher remotely to communicate, teachers and students of tree letting jade opens ' the window of the world ' . " Li Xiaomei says. See, enjoyable of teachers and students of high middle school of the 4th people teachs jade tree city remotely course includes knowledge to guide learn, group of battle of online evaluation, high-definition classroom, study board piece, and true condition classroom can be not had through scene of inside and outside seam switch, environment of will natural peace conference introduces classroom, pass seesaw pattern experience, the change learns cognitive way. Regard a live abroad endowment as the enterprise, perfect (China) branch of limited company Qinghai holds Yang Yongshun of Tibetan branch general manager concurrently to say, "The heart of a newborn baby, hematic arteries and veins is linked together, long-range education overcomes the difficulty such as lack of traffic inconvenience, persons qualified to teach, can China's best teacher ' send ' to Tibetan area, hope these groom curricular help classmates improve study result, edificatory train of thought, widen eye shot. " (be over)
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