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  On September 14, 2018 09 when Http://xinwennews.org/News/]Mid-autumn During National Day of 02 minutes of 43 seconds, discrepancy Condition And Mail Article, ten Million Notices These Things HOT:109---About- - Mid-autumn During National Day, discrepancy Condition And Mail Article, ten Million Notices These Things-----Look please in detail a message. Report inscribed Chinese bridge on September 14: Chinese custom reminds: Mid-autumn during National Day, discrepancy condition and mail article, ten million notices these things! National Day will come mid-autumn, many person selected choose give a play during this, visit one's family visit friend. Although must not be visited face to face for nothing, a lot of people also can keep thinking about for distance elder, friends order some of dainty cate, send through content shedding amount to, express intention a little. But do you know? When passing custom, if do not have an attention the following these things: No matter mail gift, still go out personally row, well plan, soup of likely and complete bubble! Zhang Bin of chart of Chinese customs data / photograph   to order moon cake to the risk examines strict or   of the   that be buckled " my pastry shop in a Hong Kong spent 1200 yuan to order two to suckle Huang Yue cake, but was buckled by custom however when enter a country come down. " Mr Li weighs citizen of   gold hill, his after this contacts ability selling the home to know, because the moon cake that so he orders contains yoke composition to be buckled to fall among them, but sell the home not to assume responsibility however, also deliver goods no longer. "I had not eaten these harbor type moon cake, the price wants than Beijing congener moon cake a lot of more expensive, who knew to meet such thing actually. If know to be able to have the risk that is buckled to fall by custom, I was not bought. Now not only white beautiful money, still cause skinful energy of life. " Mr Li says. To this, chinese custom is special remind: Mail condition of moon cake pass in and out can not be to want to send send. China is to prohibit carrying, mail contain the flesh kind, the moon cake of the composition such as the egg enters a country, because its are put in the risk of epidemic disease of sex of quarantine of etc of transmission foot-and-mouth disease, avian flu, once intercept and capture, make retreat carry to leave the country or processing of destroy by melting or burning. To mailing the entrance is not contained prohibit the moon cake of composition, custom will impose a mail tax according to the tax rate of 15% , be recruited the amount of tax to be paid is in money 50 yuan (contain 50 yuan) the following, lest ask for,custom grants. Meanwhile, the individual is sent from or send toward article of area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, be restricted to be worth every time for 800 yuan of money; Send from or send toward other country and area article, be restricted to be worth every time for 1000 yuan of money; Exceed a regulation to be restricted to be worth, perhaps should deal with the formalities that withdraw motion according to goods regulation involve procedures. The graph achieves Zhou Xinai formerly for Chinese live abroad / make   order moon cake to enter a country have a risk, mail moon cake arrives outside the condition have restriction likewise. Current, a lot of countries and district explicit order prohibit closing send moon cake, for instance Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Korea, Thailand, Singapore. Although accept,mail the country that moon cake enters a country, also many restricted set: For instance the country such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand prohibits sending give the moon cake that contains yoke part; The country such as Malaysia, Canada prohibits sending give the moon cake that contains pork part. Chen Lixin and Chen Chaoxiong father and son are in Li Xiaochun of moon cake of sweetened bean taste of the tradition that make photographs   to consign a crab to leave the country the Chinese receives moon cake of forensic subpoena   besides, october also is the season of shrimp crab fat fall. The flesh is thick cream full crab, it is to make a lot of Chinese the cate of the tip of the tongue of cannot help doing sth. But! Noticed! It is good that the crab passes enough mouth strong interest in home, absolutely cannot be taken leave the country. Feburary 2018, many Chinese is consigned by fish or airborne what be banned is marine. That month 10 days, in Kennedy International Airport (JFK) , american custom and search of personnel of bureau of border land protection consign 30 crab to passenger of a Chinese, classics agriculture tastes an expert to differentiate for the crab, total number is confiscated. Because the crab is aggressive the gender is strong, can play havoc with American place ecological balance, prohibit in new York buying and selling or edible. Execute the law personnel asks this passenger provides all data instantly, open a subpoena that disobeys compasses hold crab, order the law court on court of the district after its Yu Huang. Canadian foreign citizen of Chinese origin Mr Feng that the graph is lukewarm city of ancestral home of   of video cut screen goes back to the motherland a few years ago, ceng Shoupeng is held in the palm friendlily, from Chinese belt banned food enters a country, by bureau of service of Canadian border land (CBSA) is checked wearing. Mr Feng arises accordingly " enter a country violate compasses record " (Record Ofinfraction) , archives is added to note " compulsive examination indicates " (Enforcement Flag) . After this, mr Feng often pass a barrier should accept box inspection, want sometimes annulus await 4 hours. And this common says " blacklist " enter a country violate compasses record, what will save 7 years is long. CBSA spokesman expresses, store really in their computer system those who have an individual violate compasses record, by the record person, the person that enters a country to be compared to do not have a record by examination machine rate is tall, and check more carefully. Small live abroad offers a piece of advice here everybody, do not put really have fluky mentality! In custom, besides having baggage of scanning of X optical equipment, still the police dog that has gotten training technically undertakes double censoring, custom personnel also can undertake judging according to experience, the accurate can of eye says " magical " . Below such strength, the flesh that hides into caddy does ham, pack the crab of the box that take a shoe, still have those phoenix claw pilose antler of muscle of salted duck, deer, medicinal liquor is holothurian. . . . . . Do not have place escape form completely! Did not give custom to must not switch on the mobile phone call! "Be born, qing Dynasty opens a mobile phone. " no matter   stems from business affairs come-and-go or afraid relatives and friends to keep thinking about, the custom that this one practice already became most person -- end long-distance flight for a short while, open a mobile phone. Message of or hair small letter, call, or pats next surroundings, locatingly mark delivers small gain. . . . . . Anyhow, leave a kind of vehicle till change, moving back and forth all the time mobile phone. Can do you know? Did not give custom to touch a mobile phone, can bring about you completely to be fined, be caught even! The earnest warning of Chinese consulate general, reach before the news channel of actual person and event, understand! The graph is embassy announcement and   of scheme of news channel check in fact, relevant circumstance all through the ages has specific provision: Mobile phone, camera, camera photographs collection equipment not to get the custom control area in the airport and haven to use with waiting. Ensure electronic equipment is in close position, until control area through the canal, enter public section to just can be used. The picture comes from   of facial book user that is to say, want what break the law namely to open a mobile phone only. Just had not encountered because of most passenger by intercept, be enquired, be arrested, if not be heard,just inspect to this regulation. But, the person that supports this kind of idea the more is more dangerous! Should take him fall really in big trouble, ability controls that short a little while, no longer does have an itch to do sth play a mobile phone? As to the necessity of this regulation, most the reason of clearly, it is security. Above all, custom staff member does not want to let connect involve area exposure; Next, the appearance appearance of security personnel should reduce exposure; Finally, the mobile phone can be used to detonate bomb, also can use a person to send signal to carry out crime. Accordingly, did not joke with you! Come in and go out this year condition redo plane, this bad habit, say what also must change! Conveniently diffuses! Remind a friend to notice holiday already was on the road that come! Understand above provision, ability arranges intention better, more make a plan reasonably.
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