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  On September 14, 2018 09 when Http://xinwennews.org/News/] of 02 minutes of 41 seconds: Of Care Of Can Of Current Situation Of Cut Down Of Source Of Student? ⒄ of Of Antrum Of Second Greedy For Food " ? HOT:2880---About- - : Of Care Of Can Of Current Situation Of Cut Down Of Source Of Student? ⒄ of Of Antrum Of Second Greedy For Food " ? -----Look please in detail a message. Conspire Malaysia Hua Xiaofa to exhibit   with all possible means recently, according to Malaysia China school teacher always can be met (abbreviation " religion always " ) release " came 2008 2018 China of pupil number evolve, and China the development what is actually happening of school of a lunar month of 29 days and change school " accuse show, go 10 years, elementary school of Malaysia Hua Wen (the following abbreviation " China small " ) the student reduced 112 thousand more than person, fall amount to 17.77% . As the open of Malaysia new school year, this country all the time since the problem of education of Hua Wen elementary school that gets attention fully rises to surface again, cause heat to discuss. Taking Hua Wen seriously to teach all through the ages is the tradition of Malaysia Chinese and consensus. To weigh Zhen Hua small vitality, the overseas Chinese Chinese of Malaysia runs breathe out accuse, care is far-reaching.   of   of care of can of current situation of cut down of source of student " ' miniature China is small ' care of current situation can, carrying out at present shrink the class is made, alleged shrink it is little that the class is made the school at 30 students, for resource conservation, different grade needs to incorporate a class attends class. " encyclopedia (alias) it is Malaysia arenaceous pull jump over a city to add the county that take ease the Hua Wen's teacher with one place young China, this year, he is in China small share 6 year 31 students, give a student because of how only and avoided the destiny of class be shrinkinged temporarily, but future nots allow hopeful. This is 8 years the 3rd when the encyclopedia teachs " miniature China is small " . He tells this, the first place China that he teachs is small have 15 students, among them one grade has a student only. The encyclopedia teachs China small be not a case. According to the standard of Malaysia Ministry of Education, every student is less at 150 school classify " miniature school " . According to statistic, in Malaysia " miniature China is small " share 600, occupy China 46.2% of small number. China pupil number distributings not all, bring about rustic China small face " have school unmanned " predicament of source of student, and urban Hua Xiaoze solves a student to explode badly urgently full difficult problem. Show according to accusing, the 1298 place China that have in Malaysia are small in the center, be located in countryside China small have 796 (61.3%) , and the Hua Xiaoze that is located in a city has 502 (38.7%) . And the whole nation of 70% China pupil is in urban China is small read. "Because school natural resources is limited, have 200 every year many students by close the door on, we feel feel sorry, but very helpless also. " Malaysia Sha Baya shelters president of China elementary school takes Huang Tianliang of superintend and director to hold the position of Hua Xiaojiao to grow 38 years. He arrives to this introduction, the elementary school that oneself hold a post has 2300 many students, teacher more than 100, it is Malaysia amount to not much greatly China Xiao one of. Statistical data shows, 2018, malaysia student number exceeds 2000 people China small 29, of more than 3000 people have 6. 10 years, student of foreign citizen of Chinese origin reduces 112 thousand person, fall tremendous cause Malaysia Chinese to be able to be anxious. "Because fertility-rate drops considerably, year after year of number of countrywide China pupil decreases is not to have avoidable trend. " hill of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ease of chairman of association of friendship of the couplet in Shabama is opposite Malaysia to express originally, student number slips, it is countryside or remote region only no longer China small issue. Family of urban aging of population, young foreign citizen of Chinese origin removes the bitter fleabane break out of school of environs, international and private school is exhibited wait for an element, exhibit to Hua Xiaofa bring grim challenge. "Cut down of whole of Hua Xiaosheng source, cold heat not all what the current situation refracts is Malaysia the predicament that Hua Wen teachs development to be faced with for a long time. " and south when Qian Wei of instructor of courtyard of university China literature is accepting this interviewing, point out, the long-term deficient that solvency of flabby, division estimates the source that funds supports and the configuration amlposition that teach resource become what on behalf of Malaysia with Hua Xiaowei Hua Wen teachs development route to go up " obstacle " . Put add China to teach expectation ardent   according to Singapore " combination is early " path, because phasic place forces, of Malaysia new school year " miniature China is small " the problem also rises to surface with in former years, appear namely " of a person China small " , " new school year 0 new students " , " China small 0 China a group of things with common features unripe, must rely on student of friend a group of things with common features life of continuance China school " , even " assist offer money reward, force retains the student is read " corner. "Miniature China is small " have school unmanned, why to put add even? "' miniature China is small ' crucial question is not ' nobody is read ' , do not have however ' distribution according to need ' . Those who change character, namely China of small distributinging and population of foreign citizen of Chinese origin distributing not to suit. " Qian Wei is analysed, malaysia China small " die in an accident is resurgent " it is Hua Jian is held " miniature China is small " the main reason that does. "Malaysia has do not become the regulation of article, china decimal eye can be maintained only changeless, should increase small, be about to shut old China small. Had plan of school of so called change then, be about to lack source of student ' miniature China is small ' remove area of inhabit a region of foreign citizen of Chinese origin ' renascence ' . " Qian Wei explains, hua Xiaoxin proposes application obtain batch of difficulty very big, die out of Hua Xiaoyi dawn, hard second birth. In addition, malaysia government and China in " miniature China is small " existing to have a difference of opinions on the trend. Malaysia government releases " 2013-2025 year education develops large blueprint " in proposal general miniature China is small amalgamative, but caused Hua Duihua fraction to measure reductive worry. A Hua Xiaodou is held in Hua Jian cannot below little big principle, from 2000 up to now, malaysia whole nation shares many 40 miniature to Hua Xiaoyin does not have student origin and remove population of foreign citizen of Chinese origin is concentrated area, not only continued these China little life, also benefit local numerous students. "If the government can be made according to rate of population of foreign citizen of Chinese origin and demand,build Hua Xiaohe transparently to remove soundly ' miniature China is small ' mechanism, namely the system changes initiate China small, china won't be opposite shut or remove miniature Hua Xiaowen inscribes generation to defy. " Qian Wei expresses, the system is driven to change build China in Malaysia small very difficult. "The school is the basic establishment of the area, main demand, governmental behoove system turns the land Zeng Jianhua is small, those who raise policy and fund give aid to strength, create more fair, reasonable, open education environment, ensure urban and rural student can go to school in area school nearby. " Qian Wei suggests. Although face development dilemma, but scan overall situation, malaysia China a lunar month of 29 days is set still bud a few good the look of things, burst forth a few new thinking. Malaysia government is right China the care strength of small construction is not decreased, temperature does not fall, program design and policy be born two-way develop simultaneously. According to Malaysia " brilliance " path, malaysia Ministry of Education plans to dial a 20 million your auspicious, accelerate advance " 10+6 " + " 10 " be built 26 times in all and remove China little job, the build job of predicting share school building can be finished at next year. Insist to develop Malaysia Hua Wen of seek consensus   to teach in southeast Asia and even whole world the first of all, it is to remove zone of chinese mainland, Taiwan, HongKong and Macow beyond have elementary school, middle school, three-year institution of higher learning exclusively the country that complete Hua Wen teachs a system. Accordingly, malaysia Hua Xiaofa exhibits what course to follow to become the issue that whole world Chinese pays close attention to generally. "We what this generation person pays attention to most is mother tongue education. A nation does not have his mother tongue, lost and ancestor (book) a kind of with the brethren country, friendly feeling. " Huang Tianliang expresses, current, base of peace conference of history of education of Malaysia Hua Wen is solid, develop a space still very big. Hill of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ease expresses, develop as Chinese economy as powerful as national power, especially " one belt all the way " after the proposal puts forward, bigger business chance is searched in China to facilitate, malaysia government has new knowledge to Hua Wen's importance, the evolution that this also teachs for new period Hua Wen brings new opportunity. The source of student of 3 schools that the encyclopedia teachs 90% above are Ma Lai a group of things with common features, India a group of things with common features wait for student of friend a group of things with common features, student of foreign citizen of Chinese origin is occupied only 10% . And Huang Tianliang also expresses, sha Baya shelters 48% what China elementary school is not student of foreign citizen of Chinese origin to hold entire school total number, this one scale still will rise further. The official statistic material that seizes Malaysia Ministry of Education shows, in what Hua Wen elementary school reads student of Ma Lai a group of things with common features had 77 thousand much person 2016; Student of Indian a group of things with common features 13 thousand much person; Other a group of things with common features group student 8000 much people; Number of blame Chinese student is close to 100 thousand person, 15% what hold student sum total about. "The Chinese centers inhabit a region to be in the city more in Malaysia, and rustic Chinese is less and less. But outstanding Hua Wen is taught is many blame however Chinese a group of things with common features group the parent's first selection, chinese of a lot of blame a group of things with common features descendants is willing to send the child China small. " hill of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ease expresses. "From at present the situation looks, hua Xiaori beneficial is not the favour of Chinese parent, the value that reflected Hua Wen to teach is in ceaseless promotion. " Qian Wei thinks, student of Hua Xiaofei's Chinese increases with each passing day, a group of things with common features group rate difference narrows gradually, mean Hua Xiaoxu to hold several duty concurrently personally, want to undertake with the form of mother tongue Hua Wen is taught already, also want to have Chinese teacher and student with bilingual form to blame Chinese. Face Hua Xiaolai from other a group of things with common features descendants, student that is not use Chinese family is occupied than bigger and bigger fact, how should China article education develop? This is the issue that development of bound of Yo of need China culture and education thinks and discusses. "Malaysia Hua Wen teachs appearing new change requirement China renews an idea, should jump on managerial thought haemorrhage predestined relationship and a group of things with common features group of consciousness manacle, the conference that changes eye to this country is real, namely China article education should be a Chinese to be able to serve not only, should be plenary meeting every nationality more group service. " Qian Wei expresses, go open only with include, get used to the road with confluence, ability is promoted a group of things with common features group mutual understanding and accredit, then from go up at all the Hua Wen that solves Malaysia teachs a problem.
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