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[when path be stationed in Hou Jianyu of the United States, Greek engage by special arrangement Liang Manyu engage by special arrangement Liu Zhou Chen Yan] editor's note: On September 15, 2008, second borrow the crisis to upgrade, company of Lei Man of American investment bank's brother applies for to go bankrupt protection, a ” of “ finance seismic sea wave that pounds the whole world subsequently and come. Turn one's head these 10 years, beautiful couplet store this person such as · Bai Nake wrote former chairman recently civil think over: “ why didn't financial superintendency orgnaization see this crisis beforehand? Whether we are the next time has the crisis made preparation? ”9 comes 13 days month 14 days, chicago university holds crisis of a banking 10 years seminar, the person that attend the meeting also is in its are talking about not tire of irritatedly the ” of the source that the crisis arises, “ evil consequence that cause. Although the economy of major nation and area is slow already,restore, but the negative effect that this crisis brings still cannot eliminate inside short time: Difference of the rich and the poor of a few countries expands, governmental be heavily in debt, a few countries go against globalization and populism thoughts arisen. 10 years, people of the lower level in the United States that we are 99%” passes “ the anger of the financial capitalist ” that motion of ” of “ occupational wall street conveys pair of “1% , japanese economy academia gives Japanese economy to bring “ standstill 10 years again to this crisis ” and regretful, greek people is in feel happy country of this euro area is done not have by crisis finish. How does the people that lets us listen to these countries relate story of these 10 years, saw the world how much change after all.

On September 24, 2010, the label card of Lei Man's brother by beautiful person an auction auction.

Most American: Become more careful

“ estate bubble is the main activator of this crisis. Article of print of station of broadcasting station of public broadcast of whole nation of ” United States reviews the germ that financial crisis produces so. This crisis affected the life of a lot of American, especially the middle class, some loses a house, slide after all layer: Some people had held out difficulty later, begin new life, some people become the “ victim ” of the crisis.

Lei Man employee, guaranty borrows money before Pateer is in the analyst in the past a few the year's harvest the “ red ” that American media pays close attention to, every go bankrupt to Lei Man memorial, can dog his newest progress. After leaving Lei Man, on Pateer college of medicine, the experience that jackarooes in department of gynaecology and obstetrics of hospital of class of a county lets him feel to become a doctor to have contented feeling more than be engaged in financial industry. Pateer says: “ I sleep very well in the evening, because I am the life of others,bring nice change. ” erupts 10 years in financial crisis after today, pateer is the doctor of presiding be in hospital of center of medical treatment of Li Shiman university.

" when " the American that American ground force joins for bread after contacting crisis of a few banking. Defending Silike is a painter originally, his canvas often is exhibited to sell by go off with of a few cafe, crisis hind is done hard because of the business, he enlists in army to army, be mixed toward Iraq by the clique after Afghanistan. During this, wife and he divorces. Wei Sili overcomes much place to get hurt, become retire from army disable armyman, can take the extra allowance for living expanses of the nearly 6000 dollars that give him to the government every months at present. The gram in the Weisi of single life need not be the life to be anxious now, begin to do artistic creative work again. The Louis that lives in ministry of American Chinese and Western is done not have however so lucky, he joined the army after financial crisis is unemployed, the experience on battlefield causes the scar on his spirit, excessive drinking of the drug taking after retiring from army. One day at the beginning of last year, louis is bumped into dead by the car from bar comes out.

Friend of a few United States tells " when " : “ banking crisis gave beautiful congress to attend one class. Estate bubble and unemployment let a lot of American be produced from which drop to not have produce estate. A few American are reason end the warlike policy with American consistent politician, for old man of wall street finance people interest and full world make war, make the United States is heavily in debt, bear heavy responsibility. ” comes from the Gary that the family produces in the United States, be fastened to admit by art of Chicago university vision 10 years ago, what involve the student loan interest rate that raise, artistic market ceaselessly is low fan let his mood lose. Fortunately, he teachs oneself the mathematical knowledge such as probability statistic later, studied the regulation of gambling house carefully still. Present Gary has been the senior member that captures Li Fulan gambling house, go every week gambling house many times, a week can win “ ” of 1000 much dollars.

After financial crisis, american commercial bank and mortgage loan orgnaization to raise pair of thresholds that mortgage loan applicant aptitude substantially, severe the working condition that investigates loan applicant and firewood fulfil state, extend mortgage loan unusually careful. " when " an engage by special arrangement bought the 2nd flatlet in the United States 2015 the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, ever tried to use already the first some house property apply for to deal with house property guaranty to borrow money to the bank, loan of this kind of mortgage is considered as a risk before the crisis very small, through examining and approve it is easier originally. But those who let him did not think of is, the examination that the bank borrows money to this kind added many segment, his application is final by refus. This are resident around Silicon Valley a population is less than the small town of 100 thousand, over there because have,very good public school attracted large quantities of white-collars that work in Silicon Valley with favorable meeting public order. Before the crisis, small town cannot see almost homeless person, but the last few years, tramp number and steal record amount into room pilfer apparent increase.

To the United States character, the most profound change that financial crisis brings is the abidance of income gap expands between the rich and the poor and fortune distributive is new round shuffle. This also was 2011 the participant that ” of “ occupational wall street moves calls a “ we are 99%” the reason of this one catchword. In addition, mortgage loan doorsill to rise to be pounded to the American youth that just graduated from the school the biggest. Newest statistic shows, the scale of the youth that the United States goes to 25 years old 30 years old and parental chummage was achieved 2016 33% , 3 times was 1970, those who achieve 75 years is new tall. The last few years, although the amplitude of American stock market exceeds economy,add fast, but and compare before the crisis, the investment of American family becomes more conservative however and careful, the traditional fund that sets at assets of active and active government relatively, more American families are changing one's political stand more fortune keep the exponential fund that tracks grail with passivity.

After the Aobama that was elected as American president on November 4, 2008 assumes office, begin and wall street old man people rich weichis, but many American think, he still became the tool of wall street old man finally. Accordingly, a few blue collar that break room, unemployment and in produce a white man to believe and support Telangpu to weigh brace up the policy of American economy, they hope the United States restores to work to be able to feed his times ” to “ everybody, is not the person that has welfare more than taking the person earn of minimum wage.

Look in American, this crisis also is changing global consequence of the United States. " global strategy of China: Move toward a multipolar world " · Clay case wrote one book author, China and Ni of precious of expert of problem of Asia-Pacific general affairs recently civil talk about the China that “ rises abruptly 10 years: 10 years of ” after financial crisis. The article affirmed the contribution of the China after financial crisis to world economy. Kraig writes: Since financial crisis, the contributive rate that China increases to world economy is in 30% above, exceed the United States far, china is in alleviate the trend of world economic depression, become the main impetus that the developing country grows.

Vice-president of day look forward to: The crisis lets me become evil person

Japanese enterprise (China) the discovery when the academy carries out decanal Chen Yan to communicate with economist of a few Japan, entrepreneur recently, speak of the financial crisis 10 years ago, japanese prefers to pound ” with “ Lei Man such word.

Old character memory says, when the message that company of the Lei Man 10 years ago's brother closes down is transmitted, japan appears on the market the vice president with responsible and financial company just is away on official business in Beijing, talk about the follow-up reaction that this incident may bring together with him. At that time, the president of this enterprise also makes a telephone call from Tokyo, talked for a long time with this vice-president. This vice-president already was the person of “ retire ” , speak of a few years of enterprises after financial crisis happens answer measure, he says helplessly: “ the person that I am a management enterprise, hit for oneself go all out, also be to give someone else at the same time, especially the youth offers working opportunity, but how to become to do an enterprise to close technically however in those years, the amalgamative, evil person that cut down the member of persons employed? ” these a few years, he bought the room with a very little area to live in the place that is far from Tokyo, come and go with any acquaintance scarcely, it is the employee offer an apology that is given orders to fire by him to those with this kind of means it seems that.

Celebrate should happy event of village of well of university reputation professor is acting child to going up the Japanese bubble economy of 889 time reachs the century break down the process has research quite, look in this Japanese economist, second before borrowing crisis happening, the United States considers to cross the whole process that Japanese bubble economy breaks down, but the circumstance that the conclusion that reach is slump in price of occurrence estate of United States of “ even if, also won't affect American finance and financial ” , and after crisis happening, american government does not have processing capability again, bring about world economy stagnation, a lot of countries also suffer disaster accordingly.

The change that speaks of the United States, China and Japanese high-tech enterprise 10 years this, well village happy event is acting child say: Enterprise of IT of “ United States undertook the technology of deeper administrative levels is innovated, chinese enterprise also reached production respect to be chased after in IT. And of technical development of Japan, management mode improved be in backwater condition almost, this also is Japan the effect that suffers ‘ Lei Man to pound ’ is bigger than the United States, what cannot walk out of lose for a long time is main after concussion reason. ”

10 years this after “ Lei Man pounds ” , japan changed many prime minister like a lantern with paper cut figures of men. An Beijin the 3 banner that playing “ to install times economics ” 2012 appear on the stage once more, but did not redeem the financial crisis influence to Japanese economy. Go 10 years, also be Japanese enterprise recombines ceaselessly, 10 years when reduce scope of operations ceaselessly, cannot see Japanese enterprise is in product, service and enterprise to manage the innovation on mode almost.

Pound ” besides “ Lei Man, japanology bound still is talking about “ Telangpu risk ” , the ” of “ trade war that fears the United States is adversary with the whole world can make world economy apparent enter state of “ contractive ” , and once enter phase of “ contractive ” , japan cannot be innovated, japanese enterprise also will dare not have extensive investment.

Greek people: Reality has let person coma

After financial crisis erupted 2008, europe debt crisis received below one baton, this economic base compares euro area Central Plains weak meridional country condition especially how terrible. Greek debt crisis is about to enter the 10th year, ” of head of “ tighten pants is old Greek left eventually on August 20 the economy that is as long as 8 years helps. But the joyful occasion that happy event of the “ in expecting greets ” of national new era did not appear, the indifferent response that the sedulous low harmonic place of Greek government meets exposes a —— of a fact Greek economy crisis has not gone truly. Ever had experienced for many times governmental change, historic fair cast, of the big event such as force of strike of capital control, whole nation, street Greek, although have resentment, but must help times ” accept reality silently after “ again, search an outlet hard.

This year Waxili of 51 years old is electrician of a shipping Cheng division, the home is in Athens on the west outskirt. In shipping big country is Greek, the professional technology personnel related to boat of build and repair is very popular. 20 old before, the university graduates, waxili offers a company, carry on houseboat circuit maintains a project, the business is good all the time. But Waxili tells " when " , oneself are right disinclination of news of finance and economics, when issue of Greek finance deficit should be being discussed on news 2009 so, he still thinks that is governmental thing only, have nothing to do with common people.

Financial crisis spreads, cause very big impact to Greek economy. It is Greek foreign trade on one hand long-standing adverse balance of trade, capital outflow, can rely on to lift debt to live only; on the other hand, tourist of the foreign country after financial crisis decreases, bring blow to Greek tourism. The Waxili with not sensitive to economy all along just knows later, in those days after Greek government announces finance deficit and public debt occupy the upper limit of scale outclass European Union of GDP, bring about orgnaization of grade of much home international very quickly key is low Greek dominion grade, subsequently Greek the most severe economy crisis since be immersed in World War II. Letting what he cannot think of more is, the business of own company is met accordingly suffer a disastrous decline, it is afterwards hard. Waxili is first to " when " the wedding day before the crisis since memory: Habit of “ Greek ship-owner is maintained in the winter and maintain houseboat, such summer can drive a boat to go to sea. Before economic crisis, the company can receive sheet of at least 5 magnify every year in winter, add summer to have projects of many urgent rush to repair, income is quite rich and generous. ” but mention the crisis to upgrade, his brows locks up the ground closely to say: “ arrives 2013, everything halt, thenceforth begins to also was not received again maintain the large sheet of houseboat, company business leaves fragmentary urgent maintenance project only. ”2015 year Waxili's company closes down. He tells: I did not secure “ in those days income, the madam is housewife, outside dividing daily life expenses, duty of the cost of class of outside school take lessons after school of two children, healthy insurance, house property need money, our bank saving is very fast with respect to place remnant very few. ” and great majority are Greek same, waxili loses smooth and steady life to feel to for no reason hesitate again angrily already, he says: “ is Greek not be the cause that causes economic crisis, became the scapegoat that is bound by constrictive policy however. But governmental aid plans rescue them the object is bank tycoon, common people can save oneself only. ”

Be in with the past the good public praise of industry, waxili just applied for company of motion of boat of a middle east last year, be gone to by the clique sand is special. Higher salary lets them one casts off predicament gradually. He is pained now is: “ goes back to the motherland the time of off company family is too little, I still want to be in very much Greek the job that has found, but should realize this desire, wait possibly a lot of years even. ”

Go a few years, try every means makes money a lot of Greek first option in becoming the crisis, enjoyed the life to become dispensable luxury. The accountant that lives in Buddhist nun radical of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Sa of a place of strategic importance of Greek and northern city Yanisi rents oneself building to foreign tourist, for the sake of solving the expense that the daughter attends a college one year. Yanisi tells " when " : The pillar property of “ Greek economy is not much, commerce is lost because of duty again too heavy lose energy. After exiting aid to plan, greek in the market leasehold interest pays more even, this is a vicious circle that does not have solution at all. ” is Greek be fond of politics originally, but the enthusiasm that weak feeling lets a lot of people however is abreaction. Yanisi thinks, the notion that reverses heaven and earth through Greek general election is highbrow, because wh whichever party appears on the stage,impossibly courage undertakes truly the reform of benefit civilian. He expresses, “ is Greek already painful to coma ” , he thinks the daughter can read an university smoothly only, the country with go better next works.

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