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  On September 14, 2018 09 when Http://xinwennews.org/news/ HOT NEWS of 00 minutes of 30 seconds---] Beautiful Church Is Exposed To The Sun Big Range Sex Invades: Heat of incident of One Sex Be Accusinged Annoys American Bishop To Resign Square Aid Is Accepted Each 5---About- - Beautiful Church Is Exposed To The Sun Big Range Sex Invades: One Sex Be Accusinged Annoys American Bishop To Resign Square Aid Is Accepted Each-----Look please in detail a message.

[quick way] Rome is Catholic teach Zong Fang aid each shortly will begin to discuss what sex of big range of American church existence invades to point to with American popery cacique during saying, accepted to be accused the abdication of the American bishop that the gender annoys adult. Beautiful intermediary in September 13, be in the United States cacique of popery high level people be about to with teach Zong Fang aid before each sit to discuss a gender to invade scandal, the episcopal Michael Er of Xi Weiji Ni Yazhou · cloth Lansifeierde resigns. He will face the investigation of Vatican.

Square aid each

Be in Rome, dinaerduo says · of Daniel of American church leader, cardinal, he and “ of other Catholic leader to the situation that taught Zong Fang aid to collect us each---Evil sex is invaded how the holy body of cut Jesus. Dinaerduo says ” , teach Zong Fang aid each “ hair from the ground is listened attentively to in the heart. This is the one subaltern time, good communication that has positive result. ” but he did not say American church leader may adopt what measure to solve a gender to invade point to say. As American southwest the Dinaerduo of ministry Texas bishop says, “ tries hard in us cure cut during, (Church leader) a invocatory god bestows pity and force. We are looking forward to to continue to ponder actively together, find out next most significant step. ”

Before a few weeks that resign in Bulansifeierde, square aid removed each the post that Xiaoduo captures Washington exarch in · Mai Ka. Media exposure says, maikalike once took the place of 1970 the gender invades an altar boy, and the gender invades other and ascetic student and young clergy. The criticize person of Vatican says, square help knows Maikalike's thing each for years, but had not challenged when his face the gender is invaded point to say. The United States is stationed in Vatican ambassador, exarch to block the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces before · · dimension adds Maria Nuo publishs open letter to say, teach Zong Fang aid each take action in incorrect wheat gram calorie tardy, it is this to should resign.

Be in cardinal Dinaerduo and during teaching Zong Fang aid each meeting, the Jiaerweisidu that two people accuse Dinaerduo is led in him - the area did not adopt Houston archbishop sufficient measure checks the sex of an Abba invades behavior. Week of this god male parent is invaded because of the gender point to say to be arrested. Among them a person that accuse says, dinaerduo assures to be able to prohibit to her that Abba contacts any minor, but she discovers later, he is moved toward another cathedral outside 112 kilometers. These two criticise Dinaerduo is cooperating police investigation without factitive person.

The bishop that teachs Zong Fang aid to call together world each district each attended a peak to meet in Feburary in next year, discuss the sex that is aimed at clergy and other church leader to invade point to say and church leader often covers an issue and not be the witness that disclose the fact and tells to judicatory authorities. The Ni Yazhou of guest evening standard in American the eastpart part, a big jury decides recently, in time of 70 years, sex of clergy of 30 many parochial invaded at least 1 1000 people. Other the inquisitor of a few cities also already put on record launchs similar investigation.

The gender invades scandal shock multilateral church

Perform the sex that jumps over intense to invaded scandal to shake more the church of several countries, german church also exposed to the sun yesterday the scandal that gives at least 3677 children to be invaded by clergy sex.

In Chile, chile government assault ransacked on Thursday 4 deanery, be being accused what the gender invades minor and bishops to mask a gender to approach a problem to point to to clergy say to undertake investigating, assault ransacks is the one part of this investigation. Local media shows, church leaves after investigation personnel captured a document.

Afterwards United States is Catholic erupt after the biggest scandal, germany is Catholic be exploded again the gender is invaded. Germany " bright mirror " reach " times " announced a research 12 days to accuse, say from 1946 to there are 3677 Yuming childrens to be invaded by clergy sex inside 68 years of 2014.

Germany is Catholic the respect apologizes to this, a Keman of · of spokesman Si Difen expresses, feel “ disappointment and discreditable ” to findings.

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