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  On September 14, 2018 09 when Http://xinwennews.org/news/ HOT NEWS of 00 minutes of 29 seconds---] Day Police Investigation: Heat of incident of Dusk Happening Is 4 Times Traffic Accident Amount Is By Day Deadlier 13---About- - Day Police Investigation: Dusk Happening Is 4 Times Traffic Accident Amount Is By Day Deadlier-----Look please in detail a message.

[quick way] according to Japan " morning sun news " in September 13, a findings that Japanese police hall releases 13 days shows, motor vehicle bumps into human affairs reason to happen in dusk sunset around more, and be in this for a short while paragraph inside 4 times the accident that produce is by day. Japanese police hall is right undertake up to the produced inside 5 years in the past traffic accident last year statistic is analysed, reached this one conclusion.

Occupy, japanese police investigation came 2013 the fatal accident of nearly 20 thousand traffic that produces between 2017, with time paragraph in light of, 53% what the accident that sunset around produces inside two hours holds sum total about. And the accident amount of every hour happening in carrying count one day, can discover by day between 11 small period produce an accident on average 167.4 cases hourly, night between 11 small period it is on average 321.1 cases hourly, and sunset time Duan Neiping all produces an accident 681.5 cases hourly, this numerical value is by day about 4 times of the amount, exceed double nightly.

In addition, statistical result still shows, annual 11, December, dusk time paragraph inside the amount that produces an accident can jump. Accordingly, japanese police reminds numerous people, because dusk light chases gradual change to lose, car and pedestrian and bicycle are unresponsive, the speed of the other side of very difficult resolution and distance, so, broad driver must open car headlamp ahead of schedule, and the pedestrian walks in evening when, best dress colour bright or contain the dress that glances material pledges. (The exercitation compiles: Yang Lijuan goes over a manuscript or draft: Ma Li)

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