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  On April 24, 2018 10 when Http://xinwennews.org/news/ HOT NEWS of 00 minutes of 04 seconds---] heat of incident of Yemen A Wedding Causes At Least 20 People To Die By Air Attack 40 People Are Injured 12---About- - Yemen A Wedding Causes At Least 20 People To Die By Air Attack 40 People Are Injured-----Look please in detail a message.

[path Zhao Yizhen] cite law new line said Swiss information on April 23, yemen rescuing group showed on April 23 local time, this country marries on celebration produced air attack a few days ago, cause at least 20 people to die, 40 people are injured.

Occupy, 22 days of evening, a wedding encounters Yemen northwest ministry air attack, cause death of at least 20 people, additionally 40 people get hurt. The person that hurt has sent toward the hospital to undertake cure at present.

Yemen rescuing group shows 23 days, this wedding is located in by pilot of organization of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad a place of strategic importance Ha Jie saves Bannikaisi (when Bani Qais) area is held, jet aircraft launchs attack.

The Hu Sai of major area organizes control Yemen north the attack that day, ascribe to the supportive Yemen government, allied forces that heads with the Saudi Arabia.

Occupy message of edition of French of station of Russia satellite communication additionally, hu Sai organizes TV station Al Massirah to say, this air attack causes 33 people death, 55 people are injured.

The dean of a hospital tells Aierbile, this courtyard received 40 remains, have additionally include 30 children inside 46 person that hurt.

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