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Mosul recovered war

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  The Iraqi army had given the city of Mosul the liberation of the deadline has passed, the extreme organization is still in the old city of Mosul in a small site on the negative recalcitrant. 7, the Iraqi army and the extreme forces of the remnants of the fighting continues.

  On the 7th, the Iraqi army continued to fight against the last stronghold of the extreme organization in the old city of Mosul. Guards the area of ​​smoke and dust filled the guns loudly. Currently trapped in the old city of Mosul's extreme organization of armed elements currently less than 300 people, the last stronghold of less than 1 square kilometers. According to the Associated Press, an Iraqi special forces officer said the current extreme resistance is extremely fierce, the Iraqi military is facing severe challenges, due to the extreme use of civilians as human shield, Iraqi forces attack frustrated, to promote the delay.

  The United Nations recently released satellite images show that the protracted battle destroyed most of the buildings in the old town of Mosul, in some fighting areas almost no buildings to stay. It is understood that the Iraqi military recently recovered almost all areas have been razed to the ground, a large number of civilian families were buried in the ruins. The Iraqi military, while attacking, also helped civilians move to safe areas as much as possible.

  In addition, in order to divert the firepower of the Iraqi military, the extremist organization on the 7th attack in the western city of Mosul 70 kilometers south of a village, including two Iraqi journalists, including many people died.

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