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China - Russia Film Festival opened

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  2017 China and Russia Film Festival in the East, known as the Moscow, held in Harbin, a grand opening ceremony will be held on June 18 at 19 pm in Harbin Workers Cultural Palace grand opening! There will be magnificent art show and the latest Russian original film in Harbin.

  The purpose of this festival is to take the film as a link to deepen the Sino-Russian cultural exchanges and cooperation, to enhance the city of Harbin as a cooperative city of the city image and international influence, 2017 China Russia Film Festival Harbin station activity time of 18 days -25 day. The opening ceremony will be held on the evening of 18 in the Harbin Workers Cultural Palace, will also be screened at the opening ceremony of the Russian film disaster large "icebreaker". And from 19 to 25 days a week, the organizers will be in Harbin Wanda Studios Central Avenue Yuehui Square shop for theater screening, there will be "icebreaker" "" Russia's hammer "" father's breakfast "" from the spring There are three days "" earthquake "" doctor "" big village enthusiasm "7 original Russian film released in Harbin simultaneously, the seven films are the latest Russian film shooting, each film will show two, the time is noon 12 pm and 19 pm.

  The event was organized by the National Press and Publication Bureau of Radio and Television Bureau, the Municipal People's Government, the Provincial Press and Publication Radio and Television Bureau, Kinofest Film Festival contractors, the Chinese film overseas promotion company, the city of Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, Harbin Performing Arts Film and Television Group Co., Ltd. The

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