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Wu Qilong plays obsessive-compulsive disorder

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  Wu Qilong, Ying starred in the TV series "a red" is currently being hit by the Oriental TV. Play perfectism Wu Qilong, small details of the performance of the power circle powder.

  The play tells the story of the poor family has a very high design talent cheerful girl Ye Zhaojue, talented jewelery designer Qi Tang's appreciation and help, she gradually grew up to a good jewelry designer and harvest love inspirational story. Wu Qilong played Qi Tang as the owner of the world's jewelry company, not only for the work of the most perfect, even the trivial life did not let go. In order to restore this some "obsessive-compulsive disorder" characteristics of the overbearing president, Wu Qilong in the performance almost always pay attention to all sorts of details. In addition to the office finishing meticulous, to mark the classification of each file, a variety of subconscious little trick is to let users have been shouting by the circle of powder.

  In the play, because of their own ruby ​​was someone else took by hand, Qi Tang in the recovery of precious stones immediately after the work with the assistant side of the paper pumping paper to wipe the gem, and then quietly smoothly to the paper towels carefully thin into a small box The As the action is modest, many viewers did not find this detail for the first time. And found the details of the audience have been Wu Qilong's "little mind" to conquer, have said: "In addition, others in the hands of the documents Qi Tang could not help but Take over carefully folded, eat fries also want to french root row row neat, all the details of the netizens are shouting: "the first time that president can be so full of Meng."

  As a story about the life of the jewelry designer industry drama, in order to make the identity of the role of more authentic, the crew also specially for Wu Qi Long and Ying children to create a professional console and invited a professional jeweler supervision. Wu Qilong admitted: "the crew got the whole tree of silver tree to me, so I burned there, then I particularly want to" steal. "Because that is a very special feeling, we will do in the process of discovery There are a lot of fun in the inside. "In addition," a Red "crew also used up to more than 20 million worth of genuine jewelry props, so often in contact with the jewelry Yinger could not help but smile:" I wear 'Red Dust' is true, so my heart is very heavy, really worried about the loss, bad.

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